] Love, Sex and Ramen

Love, Sex and Ramen


On the path to love - Delawer Omar

model: Mitchell by jeffelix69 on Flickr.

Anonymous said: Where are you from?

Washington state! :)


surrounded by all these thoughts and ideas.. going more conceptual this time :)

Anonymous said: Is 15 too young to come out to my old fationed dad? Please help

hmmm. this is always a toughie. in an ideal world i would say no, come out. however, you have to be careful and think about what he would do. if you think he would react violently or throw you out of the house, i would say yes, it is too early. what does his stance towards gay people seem to be?

if you do come out, before you do get some advice from your friends who you’re already out to (presuming you’re out to them already. if not, i’d say come out to them first, since it should be a bit easier than coming out to the parents).

basically, what i think is this: i’m not saying don’t come out and be proud, but don’t feel like you have to come out immediately if it’s going to put you in some sort of physical, mental or financial danger. carefully assess the situation, and do what you feel is right.

and if you need to talk, my inbox is always open :)

Anonymous said: The glasses make u look like that guy from disney's Atlantis

haaaa! i see it

Anonymous said: Noooooooo i wanted to date you. Anyways i hope it will succeed. :)

thank you! i hope so too. *crosses fingers & toes for the next like five months*

Anonymous said: I wish u weren't gay

well thank you! but i am. extremely.

saw a boy tonight
it went well